Github for documentation, by Rhonda Glennon

About this meetup:

GitHub enables people to collaborate on projects, and many organizations use it for managing both software code and documentation. At this Write the Docs, you will get started with GitHub by applying its tools to building a documentation website.

In this hands-on workshop, you will:

  • Get an introduction to the Git version control system, terminology, and the GitHub workflow.
  • Create a simple website with GitHub Pages and use GitHub for documentation.
  • Learn how you can support open-source projects by contributing documentation.

The session is designed for beginners to GitHub, but all levels are invited.

Bring your laptop so you can follow along with the presentation. Any operating system will work, and you need only a browser. If you are new to GitHub, create a free, personal account at before arriving to save time.

About Rhonda Glennon

Rhonda Glennon is the technical publications and developer relations manager at Mapzen, an open-source mapping software company. Before joining Mapzen in 2015, she spent 12 years as a product engineer and technical writer at Esri, a geographic information systems company in southern California.

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