WTD Episode 10: What's going on in our lives as documentarians and product owners

In this episode, we talk about what's going on in our lives as documentarians and product owners. Chris talks about challenges in collaborating with reviewers in efficient ways. Google Docs works great for gathering comments, but it isn't so good for storing source code in a manageable format. Also, it seems that every company/client has their own preferred toolchain around reviews, and it's hard to know the best approach to take. Jared talks about the ebbs and flows of managing products in the gambling space, and the challenges around benchmarking, performance testing, and uptime demands for the products he manages, especially during the Melbourne Cup. Tom is excited about the docs-as-code milestone reached at his work, where his team can now build and deploy Jekyll directly from the server through commits to an internal git repo. This publishing efficiency allowed their team to get rid of an old, archaic CMS publishing process that was slowing writers down.

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