WTD Episode 11: Combining Forces for Documentation Sources -- Exploring the Mozilla Developer Network's Web Docs project

In this episode of the Write the Docs podcast, we chat with Kadir Topal, product manager for Mozilla Developer Network Web Docs project, about how they manage this large body of documentation for web developers. The MDN project provides standards-based documentation around web development topics (for example, HTML, CSS, and JS) intended for web developers, with the goal of producing consistent experiences for users across browsers. Kadir gives us an inside look into the challenges, goals, and roadmap of this project.

Topics covered

Here are some of the questions discussed during the podcast:

  • What motivations do participants have for contributing to MDN docs?
  • How does MDN’s web doc initiative differ from Stack Overflow’s documentation project?
  • How does MDN’s web docs differ from documentation on W3C Schools?
  • What reasoning is behind the decision to use wiki platforms instead of GitHub repos?
  • How are you integrating into web dev IDEs to provide real-time linting/validation during coding?
  • How does conceptual documentation differ from action-oriented documentation, and which is more suitable for the web developer audience?
  • How can users contribute to the MDN?
  • How do you manage all the volunteers and edits across thousands of MDN pages?
  • How do you keep the project funded?
  • What’s the ultimate goal of the MDN documentation?

For more detail, see Mozilla brings Microsoft, Google, the W3C, Samsung together to create cross-browser documentation on MDN. In this article, the authors note:

In this year alone, 8,021 users made 76,203 edits, greatly increasing the scope and quality of the content. Cross-browser documentation contributions include input from writers at Google and Microsoft; Microsoft writers have made more than 5,000 edits so far in 2017.

You can follow Kadir at @atopal on Twitter and read his blog at https://redronin.de/.

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