WTD Episode 12: Founding ideas behind Write the Docs

In this episode, we chat with Eric Holscher (WTD cofounder) and Mikey Ariel (WTD Europe organizer) about the Write the Docs community itself, including origins, founding ideas, goals, challenges, trends, and roadmaps for the community. We dive specifically into idea of diversity of roles (and the term 'documentarian'), the way open source principles inform the community's core values, balancing individual freedom to contribute on one's own terms with the expectations of the WTD experience, and more.

Topics covered

Here are some of the questions discussed during the podcast:

  • How did WTD start?
  • What was the original purpose of WTD and how did it evolve?
  • Why the emphasis on diversity of roles and the word “documentarian”?
  • How does open source inform the community’s dynamics?
  • How do you give community members freedom to contribute in their own way while still installing the WTD values into their events?
  • Does the idea of open source (namely, contributing back, sharing) provide long-term sustaining momentum for an almost entirely volunteer-run community?
  • In what ways is WTD experimenting with new ideas and approaches?
  • What trends do you see for WTD and the industry in the future?

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