Subscribe to the Podcast

You can subscribe to the podcast in a number of ways.


Stitcher is an app you can download for either iOS or Android and subscribe to a variety of podcasts. WTD has a show page on Stitcher. Stitcher provides a fresh stream of your favorite podcasts and lets you play them without downloading.


Pocketcast is an app that let’s you subscribe to podcasts and downloads them prior to playing them. To subscribe to the Write the Docs podcast on Pocketcast, click the + button in the app to discover apps, and search for “write the docs.”

iTunes Podcast app

The podcast app on iTunes devices is the default for many Apple users. WTD has an iTunes show page. iOS’s podcast app will automatically fetch unplayed episodes of podcasts you subscribe to.

Subscribe by email

If you want to be sent an email when new episodes are posted, subscribe to the WTD Podcast email list in the left sidebar.


The podcast episodes are also on the WTD Podcast YouTube channel (though the meetup recordings usually aren’t.) You can subscribe to the YouTube channel.

RSS feed

You can also follow the RSS feed.